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West Virginia Attorney Helps Compensate Victims of Child Abuse and Neglect

Weirton lawyer stands up for children’s rightS

Child abuse and neglect can take a severe emotional toll on the victims and on their families. I am Jim Carey, a courtroom litigator with extensive experience litigating these cases in my 23 years of practice. I represent children and their parents making allegations of abuse and neglect. I also serve as a court-appointed guardian ad litem to protect the interests of children. At Jim Carey Law Office, I provide one-on-one representation to clients in West Virginia’s Northern Panhandle, including Brooke and Hancock counties and the municipalities of Follansbee, New Cumberland, Newell and Wheeling.

Skillful civil litigator experienced in child abuse cases

At Jim Carey Law Office, I take effective action to obtain compensation for victims of child abuse so that they can obtain a measure of justice for the harm they have suffered. I provide comprehensive support to victimized children and their families and will guide you with compassion through the legal processes available.

  • Holding all responsible parties accountable — In West Virginia, child abuse is defined as a parent or guardian knowingly or intentionally inflicting or allowing another to inflict physical, mental, or emotional injury on a child in the home. Child abuse can be physical injury from excessive corporal punishment, negligent treatment, sexual abuse or exploitation of the child, sale or attempted sale of the child, domestic violence or any circumstances which harm or threaten the health and welfare of the child. My firm conducts a thorough investigation of what occurred and brings the appropriate legal remedies to hold all liable individuals and entities accountable for damages. No matter how complex these legal matters might be, I never forget the emotional component of child abuse and I deliver steady guidance as my firm works toward a resolution of your claim.
  • Mandatory reporting of child abuse or neglect — Many West Virginia professionals are required to make reports of any suspected or observed child abuse or neglect, including medical, dental and mental health professionals; religious healers or Christian Science practitioners; clergy; school and child care teachers or staff; social workers; EMTs, police officers, judges, magistrates, and juvenile justice employees; and youth camp staff, coaches or volunteers at children’s organizations. Anyone over 18 must report suspected or observed sexual abuse to police or the West Virginia Department of Human Resources (DHS) within 48 hours. I am well-versed in dealing with the collection and analysis of the data reported and in using it to prepare child abuse cases.
  • Child abuse crimes — In West Virginia, many child-abuse related actions are also serious crimes, including death of a child by intentional physical abuse, child neglect resulting in death, causing or allowing a child to be physically injured, child neglect resulting in bodily injuries, sexual abuse by a parent, guardian, or person the child trusts, female genital mutilation or circumcision, and giving false information to medical professionals concerning a child’s injuries. In addition to jail or prison time and severe fines, depending on the seriousness of the injuries, parents can also have their children removed from the family home to keep them safe. Where appropriate, I work with the authorities in the prosecution of offenders.

With so much at stake, you don’t want to delay obtaining the legal assistance you need regarding a child abuse and neglect allegation. I encourage you to meet with me for an initial consultation immediately so that I can advise you of your rights and move aggressively toward effective legal remedies.

Serving as court-appointed child guardian

When family disputes such as divorce affect the well-being of children, courts will designate a guardian ad litem to ensure that their rights are protected. I am experienced in representing minors and others who cannot advocate for themselves. I appear for children in hearings and trials, examining witnesses and arguing motions. I review relevant document to understand what is best for the child and also petition the court to get access to certain materials. I obtain professional medical advice when required and also get input from others who may have knowledge that will help the court's evaluation of the child's welfare. After a thorough investigation, I prepare a detailed report specifying what is in the child's best interest, considering his or her child's physical, financial, educational and emotional needs.

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Jim Carey Law Office represents West Virginia clients in child abuse and neglect litigation as well as other legal matters. Please call 681-522-0090 or contact me online to schedule your initial consultation.